Insight in my Mind

If you want an insight in my mind, you're absolutely right here, haha. I'm not a psychologist and definitely not an adviser or something else. Everything I write is also addressed to myself and my own opinion. If you have a different opinion or disagree, you can tell me your view on the respective topic. I get my inspirations through youtube videos (for example: the youtubers 'snukieful', 'sonnyloops' or others), books or podcasts.

Optimism - every  'No'  is  also  a  'yes'

Most of us are always trying to see the best in a situation, so as not to sink into self-pity or in our worries and fears. Sometimes it's hard to just see the good, but visualise that every 'No' is also a 'Yes'. To explain this and make it more understandable, I have an example for you: Imagine you failed the practical test for your driving licence and you got very angry about it, but what would be if you passed the test, although you aren't good at driving? Maybe you could have had an accident right after that or you could hurt someone, while driving the car or worse. Another example is that your boy- or girlfriend broke up with you and you are heartbroken, but you could meet someone new a month later, who suits you even better and you haven't met him, if your boy- or girlfriend had never broken up with you. As we have seen in every bad situation in life, you have to think that behind the next corner waits a new good one for you. 


start somewhere

If you want to change something it's okay if you start easily and slowly. Most of us want to change all in one second, but it's sure that this isn't possible. At first it's good that you want to change something, but you have to accept that you can't change most things from one to the other day, you have time. Besides it's never too late to want to change anything, doesn't matter how old you are. Even though you're 70 years old you can still learn a new language or do whatever you wanted to do in life. It sucks that every 40 year old parent (at least mine) thinks he's sooo old and the life is almost over and the best years are behind them. It sucks! This isn't true and I give you permission to punch me, if I think the same as they do when I'm their age.